Documents relating to the execution of Pink Barbour.

Tragedy on Water Street

This is the main document, July 5th Daily News, deleted from a series of newspapers that appear to have been supplied John Wayland, in whose books the incident does not appear: tragedy1hd.pdf

Additional Headlines, Quotes, and Sources

Killed in Harrisonburg

"narrow escape from being lynched" lexington_gazette_7_6_10.pdf

Tragedy Mars The Fourth At Harrisonburg

"He caught the negro stealing whips, and ordered him away. The man walked out, turned and shot Lee down."

... Defeated by Negro. (Jack Johnson)

Was a one-sided battle
Colored Champion Hammered White Man at Will
Was out-fought from the start

Ban on Fight Pictures

Baltimore Will Prohibit Exhibition of Films
Bars Up at Atlanta
Washington May Bar Fight Pictures fredericksburg_freelance_07_7_10.pdf

Negroes Impudent. (Jack Johnson)

Winchester, Va., July 6. --"I'm as good as any white man living," declared Charlie Thomas colored, as he walked into Fred Wright's tobaoco and pool establishment late lastnight, "and don't care who knows it."

His words had hardly been uttered when A. Shannon, a traveling cigar salesman for Wright, leaped from behind the counter and pounded the negro into insensibility with his fists. Shannon, who is a small man, knocked Thomas down repeatedly, and the later was saved only after a desperate struggle on the part of eye-witnesses to restore order.

Milton Montgomery, another negro, was jailed early this morning charged with attempting to assault young Miss Sanford, a member of a well-known family, on the street last night. Montgomery, who is said to have been intoxicated, grabbed her. But she fought him off and escaped.

Local negros, principally of the younger element, have been unusually impudent and assertive since the Reno fight, when a negro won the championship.

A Murder Mars the Day

James Lee is Shot Down in Cold Blood by a Negro. Mob Spirit Prevails. Sheriff's Coolness Saves Prisoner.

"The negro's bullet entered Lee's left side, passing through the heart, stomach and probably the liver and lodging near the skin in the right side towards the backbone. Practically no blood came from the wound." shenandoah_herald_7_8_10.pdf

Murder in Harrisonburg Monday

J. Marshall Lee Killed by Negro-Shot Four Times.

"The fourth ball entered Lee's side, passing through the heart, stomach and liver and caused almost instant death." staunton_spectatorandvindicator_7_8_10.pdf

Effect of the Fight(Jack Johnson)

see also note on Barber at bottom of 5th column. staunton_spectatorandvindicator_7_8-2_10.pdf

Barbour Arraigned

"The indictment will be drawn for first degree murder and presumably he will be 'not guilty,' and the penalty for such a confession is death." staunton_spectatorvindicator_7_22_10.pdf

Guilty of Murder in First Degree

"Lee started after the darkey with a small stick when about fifteen feet down the street, whirled and fired four shots.." richmond_times_dispatch_07_23_10.pdf

Pink Barbour to Pay Penalty


Barbour Must Die.

"Since the Civil War there have been but two men to suffer the death penalty, and these were hanged in Harrisonburg." highland_recorder_07_29_10.pdf

Convicted of Murder in the First Degree

Jury Out Only Fifteen Minutes at Trial of Ping Barbour.

Detailed account of the testimony at trial. Compare to the detailed account from the July 5th Daily News. staunton_spectatorvindicator_7_29_10.pdf

Pink Barbour Sentenced

Will Go to His Death on Day Following That of Arch Brown

"Barbour will remain in the county jail for at least a month yet, as he cannot be taken to the state penitentiary more than thirty days prior to date of execution or less than fifteen days." staunton_spectatorvindicator_7_29_2_10.pdf

Paid For Protection of Pink Barbour

Compensation for 8 guards. staunton_spectatorvindicator_8_12_10.pdf

Court of Appeals in Session


Mosby's Men Assemble

"It was estimated that about 150 veterans of the eight companies of Colonel Mosby, who made guerilla warefare famous, ..." Quantrill/Quantrell/Cantrell was compared likened to Mosby for using guerilla warfare, though their reputations are opposite.

Pink Barbour Must Die

"The Court of Appeals which is in session in Staunten, last Thursday refused a writ of error ..." shenandoah_herald_9_16_10.pdf

Death Penalty for Arch Brown

Brother Asks Mercy

Solitary Appeal Made for Negro Who Is to Die To-Day.

Emmett Barbour. Denied new trial by Supreme Court. richmond_times_dispatch_09_23_10.pdf

The Court of Appeals Dispatched Business


Two Murderers are Electrocuted


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