The Fierce Urgency of Now

This collage of stories linked to the front page of the October 3 New York Times exposes the falsehoods we repeat ourselves as a nation, just as Harrisonburg's street renaming exposed the falsehoods that impeded our city's reaching for Dr. King's dreams. America can reach for the dream. We can take care of our own. At the bottom of the false economic arguments is nothing but antipathy for our fellow human beings. That is what Harrisonburg saw when we probed for what was behind the anger against our renaming. Our municipal policy makers saw it too, and vote their conscience. Pray and raise Dr. King's moral voice that we may similarly change our heart at the federal level.

Links to Key Stories

Jamie Galbraith setting out the position to which a contributor this page and this renaming helped establish.

Millions of Poor Left Uninsured.

Where the Poor and Uninsured Live in America

More at this site's economics of Dr. King